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Who Really Rules the USA and the World?

Who Really Rules the USA (and the World)?

Do people like Obama, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump really control our nation when they are elected as President? Do presidents of other nations really control their nations?


They are just paid-off hirelings who do what they are told. But WHO is controlling them, setting the agenda, writing the laws and telling them what they are to do?


Here is a little history of the USA for the last ~120 years or so:

Up until around 1800 the Nation’s capitol was in Philadelphia. Then, they moved the capitol to the District of Columbia (Washington DC). Washington DC is a CORPORATION. When you vote, you are voting for a CEO – a Chief Executive Officer of a CORPORATION. When you vote you give consent to be controlled by this entity. (And WHO owns DC? Continue reading, the answer is below…)


In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) gave us the “New Deal” and signed over ALL the USA (including the land, resources and the PEOPLE!) to the British Crown. They took the Gold and Silver money and now our labor is the “currency” which is why we have FIAT (fake) paper “money” in our wallets and why we all are “tenants” on the land and have to pay property taxes (which is actually a fee). It’s also why we have a birth-certificate and bond that is attached to it. We’re all bonded slaves to the British Crown. Our politicians are all just their paid-off puppets giving us the illusion that we “have choice”. (We DO have a choice. See below…)


The “British Crown” is run out of the City of London by Queen Elizabeth II and Rothschild. They run this world via the Queen’s “Admiralty Law” system and Rothschild’s FIAT money and financial systems. They are the “NWO” that controls the nations (even Russia, China and USA) by mafia-style pay-offs and top-down CONTROL. Since they control the law and money, they also control the Vatican and the 501(c)3 churches in USA.


Notice that the courtrooms across America have the gold-fringed flag which is symbolic of administrative military law – Admiralty Law. There are no courtroom judges, there are only administrators of the Queen’s policies which is why about 99% of people who are charged with a “Federal Crime” get thrown in prison. Even the BAR-card carrying lawyers work for them too!


They also own the MEDIA (including Fox News) and the “Alphabet Soup Agencies” like the CDC,  FDA, etc. These are private CORPORATIONS who’s sole function is to CONTROL the population and rob them of their money, wealth and even their health. Here are a few examples:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – This agency (really just a privately owned CORPORATION) has the function of slowly weakening our immune systems and making us unhealthy by removing the nutrition from the food and even poisoning the food. This is why the grocery stores are now selling food grown with toxic pesticides and fertilizers and most crops are now GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).


  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) – This agency (really just a privately owned CORPORATION) has the function of poisoning us with “vaccinations” which are full of toxins and heavy metals like lead, MERCURY! (disguised as “Thimerosal”), formaldehyde, pesticides, etc. Click this image and see for yourself!  >>>


  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – This agency (really just a privately owned CORPORATION) has the function of being a “Trojan Horse” ARMY within the USA and even other nations (like Canada and Mexico). They are even watching over the churches in the USA. Ever heard of a “Clergy Response Team” (CRT)? If your church is working with DHS, GET OUT now!


  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – This agency (really just a privately owned CORPORATION) has the function of enriching its owners by enslaving us by getting us to pay them “taxes”.

I could go on, and on, and on for probably HUNDREDS of “agencies” (really just Private CORPORATIONS!) which are all functioning to CONTROL the population and rob them of their money, wealth and even their health. (Some even say that their real agenda is drastic population reduction from ~7 Billion on earth to well under 500 million as it says on the Georgia Guidestones which are like satan’s “10 Commandments”.

Look around and ASK yourself this question: “Are we being de-populated with…

  • GMO food,
  • toxic fluoride in the water,
  • toxic chem-trails,
  • toxic vaccines,
  • abortion,
  • famine,
  • alcohol,
  • cigarettes,
  • drugs,
  • wars,
  • economic warfare,
  • mind control warfare,
  • 3G/4G/5G Micro-wave radio radiation,
  • etc,
  • etc,
  • etc?”

You know the answer.

Notice in Matthew 24:21-22 that it says there will be such “Great Tribulation” that NO FLESH shall be saved unless the Lord intervenes! But, we have to ASK Him to intervene!

This is WHY the Lord tells us in Revelation 18 to “Come OUT” from following their system of lies, control and slavery. Come OUT of her my people!

What do we do now?

  • Stop listening to them! Stop watching their TV “programming”, etc. Do NOT contract with them either verbally OR by signing their adhesion contracts (applications, registration forms, etc.)
  • Follow Jesus, His Words and His Way of Righteousness, Wisdom and Peace.
  • Learn and teach others the Knowledge of Truth – His Word is Truth. His sheep hear His voice. Hear and receive His 153 Words of Wisdom that sets apart His elect from those of the world (See John 21 – the miraculous catch of 153 Great Fish which are symbolic of His 153 Holy Words which have Greater Promises/Blessings. You do want more blessings right?); John 17:17; Joel 2:12-20; John 14:15-17; 2 Corinthians 12:1-4; John 15:7; Proverbs 1:20-33; James 5:19-20).
  • Receive the Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit) (See Proverbs 1:23; John 14:15-17; Luke 24:44-45; Proverbs 1:20-33). Yes, even Christians need to pray and ASK the Lord to FILL THEM with the Holy Spirit so it is IN them, not just with them. Try it!
  • Call a Sacred Assembly as per Joel 2:12-20 and pray for the Lord to intervene for us.
  • Bring forth His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Follow the Lords Words and Ways. Remove all pagan idols (obelisks, etc, etc.), clean up the land, grow clean food, etc. The Lord will provide! Those who trust in the Lord shall not be disappointed.

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Hurricane Irma: Manmade Storm Targeting Florida

There’s nothing “natural” about Circular In-Place Simultaneous and Coordinated Bursts of Rapid Evaporation combining to create the bands of Irma, but that exact process can be seen throughout this storm’s development. From start to finish, the bursts are the only reason this storm exists at all, and they prove the manmade and deliberate origin.

Even more obvious than the construction of the storm itself, is the massive Water Vapor Generation in advance of the storm that will be sucked up and dropped on Florida in torrential rain – just as was the case with Harvey. The In-Place Creation of Hurricane Katia in the Gulf (in almost the exact spot Harvey was created overnight) again shows the obvious and systematic creation of these storms in exactly the same way, day after day.

For new viewers, this is shocking and world-perception-altering information, but to the already initiated, it’s as shocking and new, as sunrise is. The fact of the matter is this Global Water Vapor Generation System that created Irma from scratch all the way across the Atlantic in Africa, has existed and been under development for over half a century. The very same bursts visible throughout this storm are identifiable on satellite imagery from the 60s and 70s. Granted, there were considerably less of them and this system was far less widespread, but this method of weather generation (to [among other things] coverup the collapsing natural climate and water cycle) has been hidden from the public in plain sight for at least 50 years.

After the most costly and devastating storm in U.S. history last week (Harvey), and as we wait to see what destruction Irma will cause this week (September 10, 2017), this is the opportunity for the population to wake up to the insidious and rapidly increasing weather attack were ALL subject to. No country is immune and (as you can see from the dozen coordinated countries in the Gulf) no county is excluded from the Industrial Control Network that manages these Water Vapor Generation Releases, whether they are “aware” of it, or not. This isn’t “theory” or hypothesis,” this is daily observable reality.