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Cell Phones and the “Mark of the Beast”

Will the Cellular / Smart Phone industry be used to implement the “Mark of the Beast” commerce transaction and tracking technology on you? Take a look at this! >>>

I talked to a lady today (March 3rd, 2017) who has worked in the Cellular / Smart Phone business for around 20-25 years. Here’s some industry insider information that she relayed to me…

In the next 6-18 months Smart Phones will:

  • Replace your internet service provider – data will go through your cell phone, not a cable box!
  • Track your wife/husband, kids, dog, car, etc. (There are apps that do this already.)
  • Run your TV, heater/AC, coffee machine, appliances, etc.
  • Handle your bills, payments and commerce transactions.
  • Buy your food at stores and vending machines.
  • Etc. etc., etc.

All Data Access contracts come through Washington DC – which is a private foreign country (military base/stronghold) within the USA which is owned by the Crowne Trust – the British Crown which is run by Queen Elizabeth II and Jacob Rothschild. (NOTE: They also own and control the City of London and Vatican City.)

In each area (City, County, whatever) there’s 1 top provider who gets the FAT $$$ big money $$$ contract.

All this technology and data is owned by and/or run by the MILITARY.


Do you see where all this is RAPIDLY going?

March 21, 2017 Update:

New G5 Data – SmartPhones / Internet are Dangerous to Your Health
* We are currently at 1-10 Gigahertz.
* Now going up to 90Ghz (5G)
* This is high-frequency microwave radiation.
* “Millimeter waves are used as a weapon.” (His words, not mine. See video below. Minute ~2:00)
* It changes the metabolism if your individual cells.


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