The 153 Words of God

Get on the “Ark”!

It’s Time! Don’t miss getting on the “Ark”!

What is today’s modern-day “Noah’s Ark”?  🙂

In the “Day of the Lord” (these “End Times” we are living in now) we are to be sanctified by Truth. What is “Truth”? His Word is Truth. (See Psalm 119:160 & John 17:17)


The “Word” that the Lord speaks of is not only about reading (and teaching) the whole Bible. Surely we are to do that.  But, He is speaking of the knowing the meanings of His messages in His Parables, Sayings and Words so we hear, understand and follow His “Voice” and His “Way”. Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice.” (John 10:27) and He was speaking of understanding the “symbolism” in His speech which you can read in the “Red Letter Text” in the 4 Books of the Gospel (Good News).

He wants us to know what He means when He speaks His Words like: Blood, Bread, Flesh, Food, Fruit, Gather, Milk, Mountain, Oil, Seed, Stand, Table, Truth, Vine, Voice, Walk, Wash, Way, Wine, etc. (These Words are woven throughout the scriptures of the whole Bible. In John 21 the 153 great fish are symbolic of His 153 Holy Words that He wants us to learn, follow the Ways of, and teach to others.)

Get Sanctified by Truth

Jesus Shows us His Way – His 153 Holy Words

Summary Overview – The Day of the Lord

Noah’s Ark Discovered by Ron Wyatt
By the way, they found the real Noah’s Ark. See this article for the story of how Ron Wyatt found it! (Photo below provided by ArkDiscovery.com)