The 153 Words of God

End Times Signs and Prophecy (What we are to do)

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What does the Bible and Bible prophecy say
are the signs
that we are in the “End Times”?

And, what does the Lord want us to do?



If Adam and Eve (and therefore all mankind) were removed from the Garden of Eden because they were tricked into following satan’s EVIL WORDS (lies), what do you think God wants us all to do in these “End Times”?


You’re right!

He wants us to know and follow God’s Holy Words, His Holy Spirit and His Ways.

153 Holy Words
See John 21 – the catch of 153 Great Fish which is symbolic of 153 Holy Words.
Jesus has the Words of Eternal Life (John 6:68)
Who wouldn’t want to know them? 🙂

Examples of His Holy Words:

Field = World
In Matthew 13:38 Jesus tells us that the “field” is the world.
See what’s available to us in Matthew 13:44! (The Treasure of His Holy Words.)

Bread = Instruction
Bread in John 6:22-40 is not just bread for your stomach.
It’s “Manna from Heaven” and is symbolic of instruction from God in Heaven.
Breaking bread enables the Holy Spirit to give us instruction.
It’s a way of communicating to the Lord that you want instruction from Him.
This is why Jesus broke bread with people. He wanted the Holy Spirit to guide them and teach them.
This is what makes these Holy Words so powerful.
They are a Way of Communicating with the Lord.
Plus, they contain greater promises and blessings within them.
He wants us to use these words to do good for others.

Fish = His Holy Words
Fish are symbolic of His Holy Words.
He wants us to take a few fish (Holy Words) and feed (teach) His people.

Oil = Knowledge
“Oil” is symbolic of Knowledge. Knowledge of what?
Knowledge of God, His Holy Words, Spirits, etc. Fill your lamp with oil (knowledge).

The 7 Spirits of the Holy Spirit
See Isaiah 11:2 for the list of His 7 Spirits.

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“The ‘End Times’ (Day of the Lord) is Now!”

Don’t miss this video titled “Understanding God’s 153 Holy Words“.


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