The 153 Words of God

His Word: Oil

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Oil is symbolic of Knowledge.

Using Oil is symbolic of our desire to enable the receiving of knowledge from God. Using oil is a way of showing God you desire knowledge from Him. In the Bible there are many different types of oils used such as:

  • olive oil,
  • frankincense oil,
  • and myrrh oil.

Olive Oil

The dipping bread in oil is symbolically saying that we want to receive knowledge from God.


You should also put a little salt on your bread before dipping it in oil because of the instruction given in Leviticus 2:13 (every grain offering to be seasoned with salt). Salt is symbolic of being humble.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Oil is used for enabling us to build the knowledge of Wisdom – the 2nd Spirit of God – the Spirit of Wisdom. (See the 7 Spirits listed in Isaiah 11:2)

The application of the Frankincense Oil is a communication to the Lord that you desire that your heart know His Words of Wisdom in your heart and that your mind be caused to be able to receive understanding of His Ways. That way the mouth will speak in the Ways of His Holy set apart Words and the hands will be doers of the Ways of His Holy set apart Words. Therefore this is extremely important oil.

Frankincense Oil is so important that the Father sent foreign wise men to Bethlehem to provide this gift for the use of the Lord Jesus. Jesus became the wisest to have ever lived.

Frankincense oil is used by applying it to both temples of your head.


Myrrh Oil

Myrrh Oil is for enabling us to plant a firm foundation of the fruit of Good Works.  This reveals that they are desiring to walk in the Ways of God to do Good and not evil so that we will complete the Work that God has for us to do.  That is the work of the 3rd Spirit of God – the Spirit of Understanding.  (See the 7 Spirits listed in Isaiah 11:2) This is why the Myrrh Oil is used for anointing our feet that we will be able to walk in the Way that the Lord has made known and that is the Way of the Will of the Father for us.


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