The 153 Words of God

The Bow of the Lord and the 1st Seal Judgment

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The Bow of the Lord

Revelation 6:1-2 – 1st Seal Judgment (Christ in a White Horse with His Bow)
6 Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” 2 And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.
The Bow is our “Work Tool” for doing “Good Works” for others and His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. (See Isaiah 55:11, John 15:7 & Matthew 6:9-13).  The Kingdom of God are His Holy Words. The Kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:20-21)  He put His Words IN you. (See Isaiah 51:16)

The Bow is also symbolic of His Law in Isaiah 55:11 that His WORDS will NOT come back to Him void, they WILL accomplish what He speaks.

Isaiah 55:11 – His Words NEVER FAIL
11 So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

John 15:7 contains an AMAZING promise:

John 15:7
If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.


In these “End Times” we are to be Sanctified by His Words (John 17:17-19) and speak His Words.  Remember how the Lord wanted Moses to bring forth water from the rock the second time? Moses was to SPEAK to the rock. Jesus is “the Rock” and we are to speak to the Lord using His Holy Words. The “Bow” is the Mouth (or Tongue) shooting forth Arrows (speaking His Holy Words) – See Revelation 6:1-2 about how the Lord comes forth in the 1st Seal Judgment – by opening His Holy WORDS to us. We are Sanctified by His Words (John 17:17-19) and set into His Kingdom of Light by learning His Holy Words.


The Miraculous Catch of 153 Great Fish:


The “Way” that Jesus showed Himself to His disciples was the miraculous catch of the 153 Great Fish which are symbolic of His 153 Holy Words. “Catch” them by learning them. Teach others His Words. That’s where the phrase “Fisher of Men” came from…

John 21:1-11 – The Miraculous Catch of 153 Great Fish
21 After these things Jesus showed Himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias, and in this way He showed Himself: 2 Simon Peter, Thomas called the Twin, Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, the sons of Zebedee, and two others of His disciples were together. 3 Simon Peter said to them, “I am going fishing.” They said to him, “We are going with you also.” They went out and immediately[a] got into the boat, and that night they caught nothing. 4 But when the morning had now come, Jesus stood on the shore; yet the disciples did not know that it was Jesus. 5 Then Jesus said to them, “Children, have you any food?” They answered Him, “No.” 6 And He said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” So they cast, and now they were not able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish. 7 Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, “It is the Lord!” Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his outer garment (for he had removed it), and plunged into the sea. 8 But the other disciples came in the little boat (for they were not far from land, but about two hundred cubits), dragging the net with fish. 9 Then, as soon as they had come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid on it, and bread. 10 Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish which you have just caught.” 11 Simon Peter went up and dragged the net to land, full of large fish, one hundred and fifty-three; and although there were so many, the net was not broken.

Isaiah 51:16 The Words are IN YOU. “Catch” them by LEARNING them
16 And I have put My words in your mouth; I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, That I may plant the heavens, Lay the foundations of the earth, And say to Zion, ‘You are My people.’”


Matthew 4:19 – “Fishers of Men” (Teach others His Holy Words)
Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

John Chapter 21 Continued:
12 Jesus said to them, “Come and eat breakfast.” Yet none of the disciples dared ask Him, “Who are You?”—knowing that it was the Lord. 13 Jesus then came and took the bread (Bread = Instruction. Eating/Breaking Bread causes people to DESIRE Instruction of His 153 Holy Words which is exactly WHY Jesus broke bread with others.) and gave it to them, and likewise the fish. (The 153 Fish are Symbolic of God’s 153 Holy Words that are woven throughout the scriptures and bring forth greater knowledge/OIL – Fill the Lamp with OIL [Oil is symbolic of Knowledge of Truth]) and gave it to them, and likewise the fish.

14 This is now the third time Jesus showed Himself to His disciples after He was raised from the dead. (3rd Time. Why 3rd Time? Because that’s about the 3rd Spirit – the Spirit of UNDERSTANDING how to Bear Fruit for others and His Kingdom. So we’re supposed hear Jesus’ Voice/Words, learn these Words and teach them – “Fisher of Men”. See Isaiah 11:2 for all 7 Spirits listed out.)

Jesus Restores Peter

15 So when they had eaten breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these?”

He said to Him, “Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.”

He said to him, “Feed My lambs.

16 He said to him again a second time, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?”

He said to Him, “Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.”

He said to him, “Tend My sheep.

17 He said to him the third time, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?” Peter was grieved because He said to him the third time, “Do you love Me?”

And he said to Him, “Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.”

Jesus said to him, “Feed My sheep. (Again this was 3 Times Jesus said this. Why 3rd Time? Because that’s about the 3rd Spirit – the Spirit of UNDERSTANDING how to Bear Fruit for others and His Kingdom. So we’re supposed to learn the words and teach them – “Fisher of Men”.)


Why would He have us pray for His Kingdom to come on Earth
(Matthew 6 Prayer) if it wasn’t really going to happen?


Matthew 6:9-13 – The Model Prayer
9 In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name. 10 Your kingdom come. Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven. 11 Give us this day our daily bread. 12
And forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors. 13 And do not lead us into temptation, But deliver us from the evil one. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.  Amen.


Related Verses:

Revelation 19:13 – Jesus is the WORD
He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God.

John 17:17 – His WORD is Truth
17 Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.

Psalm 119:160 – His Word is Truth
160 The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever.

Psalm 119:142 – His Truth (Words) are LAW
142 Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, And Your law is truth.

Psalm 119:130 – The WORDS give Light and Understanding
(His Words ARE the Kingdom of Light)

130 The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.


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